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Gary Dranow Will Touch The Deepest Strings Of your Heart With His Latest Single, 'China Rose'

Gary Dranow is a Park City-based rock artist who weaves magic with his immersive vocals that are bound to evoke vivid feelings in your heart. His band, 'Gary Dranow and the Manic Emotions' creates an everlasting vibe with their vivid soundscapes. Intertwining ecstatic melodies with impeccable rhythms, this band is bound to blow your mind away. Do give this amazing band a go, you'll love their work for sure! Dranow's new lineup for his new album Never Give Up is Chris Zoupa on Guitar, Bass Guitar and vocals, Jason Jones on Drums and producing, and the incomparable Caspar Aesthetic on lead vocals. Apart from his innovative musical approach, Gary has been a professional skier and the way he reflects his life experiences in his music is remarkable.

Gary Dranow

"Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotions is one of those versatile projects that dives deep into a very contrasting soundscape with exquisite craftmanship!"

I was truly amazed when I came across 'China Rose' as I was expecting a high-tempo, power packed track. Howerver this track is a bit different from what Gary usually creates. The way this artist pushes his boundaries and creates something out of the box every time is what makes me his fan! 'China Rose' is a masterpiece and deserves to be heard by the masses. Do give this amazing track a spin and trust me, you'll love it!

Test the Melody Down Here-

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