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Marriage of modernity with tradition, that’s Fat Bottomed Boys’ "La La La"

Elash and The Sgt. decided to give birth to a musical duo in the year 2020 and came up with a sarcastic name, "Fat Bottomed Boys". They strive to carry forward the Queen's Legacy by infusing their musical dexterity with the royal family tradition. They blew up with their three hit Albums called- “Let’s Do It!” (2020), “Too Much Is Not Enough” (2021) and “The King of Rhye” (Part 1: White Side) (2022) and “The King of Rhye” (Part 2: Black Side) (2022). The albums broke genre barriers by using a variety of rock: pop, prog, hard rock, funk, new wave and the like. Fat Bottomed Boys left their mark on the global music scene with their involvement in a few international projects. Their contribution to the soundtrack “Borrowed Time 3” from a Franco-American Film and a full soundtrack for the Australian novel, ‘The King of Rhye’ to name a few. Their fans are in awe of the energy they bring to their concert stage and their absolutely unique niche!

Fat Bottomed Boys
Ever wondered where do they go those who stand in the limelight one moment and disappear in the other? Fat Bottomed Boys’ La La La is your answer. It is a brilliant music piece with the royal tradition infused in it.

“La La La” is a powerful homage to the Queen with the iconic songwriting of drummer Roger Taylor. The song delves into the fascinating reality of the singers who disappear after delivering a fervid hit song. They fuse modernity with tradition keeping in line with their unique approach of creating original songs while carrying forward the legacy of the Queen. The engrossing lyrics and power-packed performance by Fat Bottomed Boys tell an untold tale that connects so well with the audience. La la la is tastefully muffled and upraised at the right notes to mirror the life of its subject. The song is definitely worth lending an ear to.

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