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Marq Electronica's 'APOIDEA': A Vibrant Journey That Echoes Electro-Pop

Marq Electronica, bearing roots in Newcastle upon Tyne,  delves into the realms of electro-deep house and orchestral house pop. Despite facing initial confidence hurdles, he has fine-tuned his musical abilities by singing in various cover bands, and original groups, and as a solo performer in the vibrant club scene of the North. As a singer-songwriter rooted in funky electronic sounds, Marqelectronica is also a part of the electro-rockers Sapien Trace and trip-hop pioneers, The Last Of The Fallen Angels.

His musical journey has been fortified by an incredible support system—comprising family, friends, and numerous professionals—who staunchly believed in Marqelectronica's potential. With a decade-long involvement in organising musical events, recent performances have garnered acclaim for their lively and polished nature. Drawing inspiration from a diverse blend of R&B, house, and electronic artists like Freemasons, Missy Elliott, and Daft Punk, his music reflects a captivating fusion of genres.

Marq Electronica

Embark on a musical odyssey through electrifying beats and melodic waves with Marq Electronica's latest EP!

“APOIDEA," is a captivating exploration of electronic music's diverse landscapes, with each track within this offering a unique sonic experience, demonstrating the artist's versatility and mastery in crafting intricate soundscapes. From the high-energy drive of "Lifting My Soul" to the introspective depth of "World Keeps Turning," Apoidia traverses emotive realms, leaving an indelible mark on the listener. It's a testament to Marqelectronica's ability to evoke varied emotions, leaving a desire for more from this promising talent in the electronic music scene.

Lifting My Soul kicks off the EP with a surge of raw energy. This driving techno track will surely get your feet moving with its pulsating bassline and soaring synth melodies. The artist expertly layers sound to create a rich and textured soundscape, leaving the listener feeling uplifted and invigorated.

Is This What You Wanted takes a dramatic shift, delving into a darker and more introspective soundscape. The track unfolds slowly, building tension with its haunting melodies and atmospheric textures. The artist uses subtle changes in tempo and rhythm to keep the listener on edge, questioning and exploring the meaning behind the title.

World Keeps Turning offers a glimmer of hope amidst the darkness. This melodic track retains the EP's signature electronic elements while incorporating elements of ambient music, creating a sense of serenity and peace. The track serves as a reminder that life continues even in the face of difficulty, urging listeners to find strength and resilience.

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