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Loose Yourself in the Ecstacy of 'Liberty' by Andria

Andria, an 18 year-old Singer-Songwriter bought a one way ticket to London to pursue his musical dreams. The way he binds magic into his musical compositions is bewitchingly mesmerising. Andria says - “I learned how to write, record, and mix on my own in my small, improvised bedroom studio. I want to sing for those who are voiceless and kept silent and inspire them to express themselves as freely as I do in my songs.”

The way this artist expresses such complex emotions through his tracks will surely blow your mind away.

I recently discovered this artist through his latest single, 'Liberty' and I've been listening to it on repeat ever since. This is his first track on spotify and the way he has spun the track will surely have you grooving. His first release was ‘Ereka’ which was self-produced and distributed exclusively on Soundcloud in April 2023.

Liberty is a track that fuses various elements to create a whole new experienvce for the listener. If you love to let loose and dance to the rhythems, you'll surely find this track breath-taking. The way this track had me dancing along is simply remarkable.

This is surely worth listening to, do give it a go. Test the melody down here-

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