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Lingering Luminesce: The Temporal Tides of INTERCONTINEN7AL'S 'Night Shift'

Dive into the soothing arrays of minimalism with INTERCONTINEN7AL'S latest release, 'Night Shift'! A track virtually recorded across 7 continents, its production, mixing and mastering was primarily done by Matt Smith from the USA (who also happens to be the band leader), Marcin Nawrocki from Poland and Rousevision hailing from Germany. A creative that has just launched 3 releases so far, they have significantly utilised their creative power to contribute to the COVID Global relief fund. Deriving musical inferences from 90s rock maestros like Chris Cornell, Meat Loaf, Stones, Tool and the Beatles, they aim to leave an irresistible impression on our musical psyche. With pop, blues, funk, reggae, and prog rock being their artistic pursuits, welcome the band of tomorrow, INTERCONTINEN7AL!


A no-brainer journey track, 'Night Shift' seems to indelibly strike a chord of realism and contemporary with its mellow and pacifying tempo, and feels like a rush of adrenaline down the spine of listeners.

'Night Shift', a single that's part of the creative tune compilation namely, 'Intercontinen7al, Vol,4', derives inspiration from the legendary Bon Iver's previous timeless pieces, and includes themes of adaptability and overcoming hurdles. The track, built on the foundation of some basic chords, is a mine of poignant and deep lyrics conveyed with utmost authenticity. It is moving, seems to convey a story, and would automatically make you elope into the sets of a rom-com movie. A soulful romantic serenade, it also feels like a wave of brewing love and trust, as if establishing a foundation for something.

Test this indie rock revelation down below -

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