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Lightening-Stuck Agitation in Slatz & 'Weight of the Silence's 'Snake Eyes'

Unlock thunderous fury with Slatz's latest sonic release, 'Snake Eyes'! A collaborative of Slatz & The Weight of Silence released on October 13th, this is a Numetal/Metalcore classic at its finest. Syndey-based Slatz is a firm believer in sonic experimentations and has never settled within the boundaries of a single genre. With influences like Tanney Wayne from In Flames and Adam Ramey from The Droupout Kings, his music is a unique blend of hardcore and hip-hop. Trap Metal and Alternative Metal. Already making a name for himself via endless collaborations, unlock the tumult alts of 'Slatz'!


This is pure raw and dark agony - that one goes through the turbulence of clinging onto everything, yet nothing.

'Snake Eyes' channels utter fury, angst, agony and all the blending in moments of Hard Metal and Nu-metal to create a surreal moment of blasphemy, that one goes through while battling their own mind's demons. This is a vivacious attempt that commemorates the deepest parts of one's psyche, some feelings that one might be unable to express through words or gestures. It is that darkened faded rage that gets recharged even at the slightest moments in a person's life, something that is deeply rooted in their subconscious. The rage of this side however sometimes even stays unhinged from that very person as well. With this track, Slatz unleashes a new-found rage and despair. With lyrics like,' My mind is so confused, I'm losing altitude', they aim to pinpoint those numbing moments in between, where even this bygone anger gets stuffed with haze, making it extremely unable to target attention. Infusing insanely powerful moments like the hard-slapping of the bass and electric guitar parallelly and having drum-strumming patterns so surreal that they become the oxygen to the track, this is an irate masterpiece.

Test this melodic outrage down below -

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