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Levitating beats of Schuz's "Let it Go" will soothe your heart and mend your soul.

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A Raging artist from The United States, Boise, Schuz is known for his out-of-the-box taste in techno and EDM. He is famous for his upbeat catchy melodies with a chorus that makes his listeners sing along in no time.

This track's lyrics are quite robust and they can't be demolished which makes you feel powerful and at the same time on the brink of this world.

"Let it Go" is going to be the perfect anthem to help you unleash your inner power and enclasp the possibilities of the future. It consists of resilient beats that'll make you feel like a G.O.A.T. and boosts up overall energy in just a snap. The production is detailed and modern, with a mixture of electronic instruments that creates a vigorous and enraging sound. Whether you're being lackadaisical or low on motivation "Let it go" is all you need.

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