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Let "On My Way" by Milan-based DJ Vallac will take charge of your musical evening

Mythical being, Vallac who hails from Milan, Italy is an innovative DJ and musician who takes charge of music in control and lets emotions go wild and free. Winning his audience with new singles being into euphoric dance tracks or alluring melodies like "Unrequited Love". Surrounded by mystery all the time, Vallac comes up with mystical sound capturing his unique musical prowess amongst the audience.

Vallac artist
The electrifying atmosphere and a sonic experience through "On My Way" by Vallac is a perfect way to rock a party. The roof-breaking energy and an unmatched groove will get you on your feet.

Creating an irresistible aura of anticipation, this track, "On My Way" takes you on an enthralling adventure that has pulsating beats, and infectious rhythms reminding us of the endless possibilities music seems to have.

The space laid down by him doesn't have boundaries letting us dance, dream, and lose ourselves in the infectious house-inspired soundscapes. A must-listen and an invitation to everyone to join this voyage through sound where ordinary feels unleash the extraordinary of the listener.

His ability to craft a track with impeccable qualities are energizing and hypnotic to have the reality go into blur having to become part of his mystical world where melodies are spells and rhythms are incantations. The track, "On My Way" will have a night of magic and memories that will last a lifetime.

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