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Lamentations of Love: Witness Shadows of A Shattering Sunset through Avaraj's 'Precious Memories'

Avaraj makes a heart-wrenching comeback with soulful symphonies of her latest dedicated tune compilation, 'Precious Memories'! With her roots in Georgia, United States, Avaraj is a genre-mashing singer-songwriter who solely aims to bring light back into the life of her mother with this release. With a sound being the merge of Blackbear and Pheobe Bridgers, her music is a genre blend of rap, pop, rock and R&B and aims to target young and liberated adults who are constantly falling and getting right back up on their feet.


A deeply moving narrative aimed towards peace and confinement, this is an ode to lasting love and Avaraj's longing to be with her mom - in a few words, a masterpiece.

We begin this ecstatic journey with a desire to reunite with your original mother, someone you're extremely grateful for, deeply love and care about, hoping to see them again. Written solely in response to the saddening trajectory of a life so precious to you, with this track Avaraj wants to express how she wanted to make every moment and minute of their life truly last. Then she begins to drown in a pit of self-reflection and pity with 'Before You', a soulful dedication to the bits where her mom began to acquire some perspective through her phases of dementia, trying to indicate the contrasts of how different she was before and after, and more specifically after their encounter with dementia, thereby highlighting her inability to understand what's happening around them.

Then we arrive at the sonic dreamscapes of 'What Would Change', which feels like an unhinged continuation to 'In The Stars'. A perfectly piano-powered dream-pop wonder infused with perfect amounts of rap verses that try to draw connections between all the what-ifs of the circumstances if her dad who left the household was present in their lives, trying to imagine a world with them still being here. 'Never Fade', on the contrary, is a shift of moods where she acknowledges the facts, and tries to accept them regardless of how they've turned out to be, thus through this track trying to highlight the good and the gleaming that still lived within her, despite the illness. A blissful track about a love that'll never fade regardless of times, places and circumstances, this highlights the eternity of love, that seems to last even when the bond doesn't.

Lastly, we end this celestial tune compilation with 'Won't Forget Her', a track full of dreadful and deeply numbing realities, of encountering the haunting truth of the life of another person, of how soul-piercing it is for Avaraj to witness them as someone who doesn't even remember the life they've lived so far. Trying to provide the soul of her lost mom with a sense of comfort, she begins to find solace in the fact that her presence will always be irreplaceable.

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