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Lady Redneck's voice in "Wonder About You" is pulling heaven on earth!

Lady redneck's picture
Lady redneck

From Daddy's Little Girl to a rising star, Lady redneck is growing like a behemoth from the United States, Dallas, TX. Her highly enthusiastic performances and fun, tongue-in-cheek songs are making the audience go crazy and take notice of this blonde diva. When you hear her you'll realize that She sings with all her heart and soul. Her roots being attached to a small town and her eccentric nature have bought her the “Redneck” title which she proudly wears like a crown.

The subliminal voice of this diva and the corroboration of her vocals to the beats of this melody are a perfect blend to pacify your soul.

The track "Wonder About You" basically reflects the long-lasting effect her father had on her life. Proper plotting and synthesizing of cords and vocals form a mirage that feels like you're actually living her memories through this song. From her childhood memories to the journey of her being a sing-songwriter this song showcases a heartwarming bond between a father and daughter. The happy-go-lucky girl personality and deep thoughts of her father with a pinch of magnificent music make this track a masterpiece.

This is a must-listen track if you like to experience heart-touching stories of people in a melodious way.

listen to this overwhelming melody here-



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