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Kmalectro’s passion always shines through his music. Digital Highway is no exception

Forty years ago, the artist started his career with a friend that he lost eventually and since then Kmalectro has been a one-man musical venture. The artist is a jack of all instruments: guitar, strum, piano and even table. The artist’s deep love for music is bestowed in the fact that he describes his job as “like living a dream”. Kmalectro is inspired by whatever sets the strings of his heart in motion be it rock, electro, jazz or even classical Indian music. He was featured in a German TV show in November. He also wears the hats of an Osteopath, Physical Therapist, Trauma Psychologist and a DJ sometimes. He uses his YouTube channel as the major platform to connect to his audience. He channels love in whatever he creates and he has put his heart and soul into his upcoming multi-genre album that we all are waiting for!

As a critique of the internet, Kmalectro orchestrates a track much ahead of its times.

digital Highway was crafted by Kmalectro in his personal studio in collaboration with Tonee Jukebox. The single has the most out-of-the-box theme: Big Data. The track intends to explicate the advent of the Internet and the ensuing complexities and potential threats like data breaches that it brought with itself. As Artificial Intelligence takes over the world, our data is manipulated and most of the time, we don’t even know about it. The artist has skillfully woven intricate soundscapes with pulsating beats and it serves as a testament to the artists’ ability to push the boundaries of IBM providing us an otherworldly sonic experience.

Test the futuristic melody down here-

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