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Kid Lazuras infuses funky style bop with inventive electronica and clean sound in 'All over again'

Kid Lazarus
Kid Lazuras

Residing in Bristol, Kid Lazuras makes music from right inside his shed, drawing influences from various genres like post-punk and new-wave scene, infusing them together to make something that feels original, personal and touching.

"With more of a nonchalant approach to music making, Kid Lazuras has learned to not take himself that seriously, solely focusing on the music he makes and the process that leads to the creation of it."

'All over again' is a single from Kid Lazuras' debut LP 'Utopia' and it stands out as more of a relaxed tune which still carries some emotional heaviness and dark themes. The production of this track is tight to say the least, it opens up as beautifully as a flower blossoming, it really does. The drums sound heavy but controlled and the overall funk instrumental theme juxtaposes the track nicely with some darker themes present in the lyrics as it conveys the singer deviating from her lover in the second verse. The song's composition makes it highly re-listenable.

Give this melody a listen if you've been craving some tracks that fall into the similar themes as that of some songs of The Strokes (an example could be their single 'chances') but also something that infuses multiple genres together to make it one solid structure, the same way as Kid Lazuras does it with the electronica sound that hops in some moments of this track.

Test this melody for yourself here -

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1 Comment

Jul 28, 2023

Really like this one 💕

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