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Keeping the Sunny Side Up with The Daytime High's 'Pandemonium'

Album Art of Pandemonium
Album Art of Pandemonium

Get ready to embark on the beautiful landscapes of mellow rock with the release of Daytime High's new single, 'Pandemonium"! Daytime High originally has its roots in California and is a commemoration of legends like Micheal Johansson, David James and RIch Buckland. A rock vision that cam into existence in the year 2022, the band is sprouting as a impactful musical sapling that envisions the genre of rock through stargaze and other alternative genres.

Drawing inferences from the A band that seeks inspiration from the chiming sounds of legends like Byrds and the Beatles, 'Pandemonium' is a 60s-inspired ensemble that conveys the message of exploration and the yearning for someone to join your chaotic journey. Subliming undertones of vulnerability and inner strength, it creates a room for endless possibilities.

'Pandemonium' is a song that feels like a sound example for the enduring struggles in life with the prime essence of acceptance. It strives to tell us how acceptance truly possessed the main utility for a fruitful life. An empowering anthem that talks about embracing the truth about one's own self, it is an epic reminder for all of us that we aren't alone. With soulful verses that transcend the lines of inner strength and resilience, this indeed is an empowering masterpiece that stands by the power of connection, communication and compromise and holds them as the guiding lights for leading a purposeful life.

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