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Kaleidoscopic Visions seal-packed with Life in Grace & Moji's 'Sad Times'

Musical aces Grace & Moji return with their refreshing summery single 'Sad Times'! An indie-pop duo hailing from Los Angeles, California, Grace & Moji appeal to the masses as musical magicians who have a playful way of experimenting with musical genres. With a beautiful capability of combining musical ubiquity with emotions, their sense of musicality is generally experimental, playful, surreal and profound. Navigating meta-physical and emotional barricades that life puts them through via musical exploration, Grace & Moji provide an aid to healing from traumatic life experiences not just to themselves but even to the ones around us. Both individually and as a duo, their rendevous have been impeccably inspiring!

Grace & Moji
Grace & Moji

A colourful biosphere brewing life from nostalgia and self-reflection, 'Sad Times' emphasizes the condescending sprint of adulthood.

From writing stories to contemplating upon a visionary life that now feels overwhelming, Grace & Moji's 'Sad Times' feels like a notion of hope and resilience, at the same time feels like a ray of life into the fast-paced life. A lively tale about the plant medicine ayahuasca, it dwells into a surreal and sombre aurora viewed from a fun lens filled with vibrancy, yet feels like a brink of energy that everyone needs to be sparkled with once in a while, as everyone is really living this for the first time. It also conveys the message to go off-bounds to freely pursue activities and things that spark a ray of joy in the minds of listeners!

Playful dance-like groove metronomes make this track a perfect play for theme parties and places full of life. A rainbow to lighten up the rains in one's life, this is an outbeaming brim of joy that everyone must receive a doze of in order to heal.

Test this fun-loving melody down below -

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