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Journey through Juxtaposition: The Unfiltered Narratives of Arrow Santi's 'Sanctuary of Serenity'

Arrow Santi returns to the music scene with yet another stunning piece of craft dear to him, 'Sanctuary of Serenity'! A musical maestro hailing from Long Island, New York, Arrow's song narratives are heavily infused with an energetic chorus with carefree and melodic verses in between. His artistry, although full of upbeat energy, is a direct mirror of his pain and trials from his trials. Aiding to a kaleidoscopic vision of his wide array of emotions, let's witness the musical hailstorm, that is, Arrow Santi!

Cover Art of Arrow Santi's 'Sanctuary of Serenity'
Cover Art of Arrow Santi's 'Sanctuary of Serenity'

A direct reflection from the deepest and most devastating moments of bleak darkness from Arrow's mind, this will make you contemplate life.

We begin with the sensual tension and romantic blossoms of the track 'Angelic'. It is an outbound appreciation of the Arrow's significant other, by being grateful for what he has.'Too Far Gone, on the contrary, is a numbing moment of hard-hitting realities of life. Rap amalgamates with pain to create the epitome of relatability, this feels like something all of us have gone through.

Then we arrive at tracks like 'Said & Done' and 'Tattered', tracks that encompass an array of painful feelings and thoughts that glide in a person's mind, these are a saddening moment of truth which results from thinking through and contemplating life's circumstances. The next track,' Make Me Feel Like', is a moment of grappling trauma that feels like a void in the head, where you can sense/feel absolutely nothing but just process people coming and going from your life.

'No Harm', on the other hand, is a moment of clearing the stressful air by talking things through. Arrow in the next track, 'Lifetime' talks about self-sabotage and the hurtful lens it makes us look through. Questioning the inevitable, we arrive at 'If You Never Died', a track that seems to blur the lines of reality and illusion.

'Time Passed' is a story of looking back with a sight of regret.'Unforgiving Father Time', is a mysteriously rich and exotic track with a poignant lyricism that feels like a voice inside the minds of listeners. Then we surrender to the consuming act of pain and anxiety that eventually makes you lost, makes the real you 'Fade Away'.

Last but not least,' Pain & Fame' feels like the last look back before letting it all go and letting the past stay in the past, reminiscing the good old times.

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