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Josh Tepper gives us a glimpse us of what hope brings to the table when nothing makes sense in life

Josh Tepper
Josh Tepper

An established artist from the infamous New York City music scene, Josh Tepper has continued to pave the way for his unimpeachable songwriting and vocal strength for numerous years now. Some hit singles of his include Built Me, Always Everywhere and Poison Apple which have attracted a great number of listeners, managing to leave a great impact on the same.

Josh has studied at prestigious schools like NYU and thereafter has proved himself as a gifted artist who knows no boundaries for honing his musical talents.

"Josh's vocal range drives the listeners deeper into his lyrics, being laid back and open to being emotionally vulnerable at the same type; A perfect combination of polarising approaches."

His new single 'Guide me Meron', sounds like a cry for help during the first listen but then asks for a much more interpretative effort to be put up on it on the listeners end to decipher its meaning. The central theme is about the serene and spiritually omnipresent Mount Meron. The song starts out with a troubled man who has been feeling lost, as if all the walls in his rooms are pushing against him and then envelops itself into more of a powerful and hopeful sound where the protagonist is now ready to take the necessary steps to turn his life around. The Mount Meron holds great significance in Jewish religious traditions and is located at the upper half of Israel. The minimal instrumental the track starts out with builds into more complex percussive segments with a lot more elements being added soon after. The vibrance of the sound makes this track breathe and provides it the energy and strength it needs, just like the protagonist.

Soon touching on the themes of Faith and gathering up all the energy in the universe to help you get what you seek for, whether it is peace with oneself or a bigger pursuit in an even bigger picture. Do give this track a listen if you've been feeling as grey as the sky staring back at you, if you need to be reminded of the light that manages to seep itself into the dark, you must listen to this one.

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