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John Carcer's 'Erotica' is Bound To Touch The Deepest Parts Of Your Soul.

John Ca

John Carcer is a horrorcore/shoegaze musician based in UK who is known for his innovative approach to music. If you enjoy horrorcore, you'll surely be banging your heads to his tracks. His discography is a vivid array of musical experimentation and the way he carries his track is surely supernatural. Do explore his discography and you'll surely find a lot of stuff that might resonate with you as a shoegaze listener.

John weaves an intricate vibe with his music that is bound to get stuck in your head for days!

I recently discovered this artist through his latest release which is one of his best works yet. The track's named 'Erotica' and as the name suggests the track revolves around the theme of erotica. The way this artist has set the vibe with such vast soundscapes blows my mind away. If you enjoy listening to horrorcore/shoegaze, this is surely a track that you should explore. Do give it a spin.

Test the Melody down here-

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