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JAMES DEAN Baker’s ‘Nothing But Love’: A Gloomy Track Disguised As A Shiny Party Banger

JAMES DEAN Baker is a fairly new artist all the way from London making upbeat party songs which seem to follow an afrobeat rhythm. JAMES has released two singles, one of which is called “GOD CRYS TEARS (For you)”. The song shouts out loud the gratitude towards the things one has achieved and obtained through God. It is a devotional song with a hint of modernity infused into it. JAMES is a quite promising artist finding his sound.

You know you can play “Nothing But Love” when you are on the AUX as this party banger will make you bop your heads to the beats.

“Nothing But Love” is the latest single released by a fresh artist from London who goes by the name JAMES DEAN Baker. The artist draws inspiration from various genres of music like Rave, Jungle, Dance and Dub. The song features an afrobeat rhythm that keeps you bopping the whole time.

At first, the track may sound like a poppy party song; however, it is much deeper than just that. The lyrics of the song, if you listen closely talk about heartbreak and the sorrow of rejection. The artist says “THIS TRACK IS ABOUT A GUY THAT IS IN LOVE WITH THIS GIRL AND HE IS LOOKING ALL OVER THE PLANET FOR THIS GIRL.” It's about looking for love and comfort and not being able to find it.

Test the melody down here-

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