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Island Heartbreak: Reggae's Lamenting Notions with Tende Kasha's 'Mr. Liar'

Dive deep into the reggae fiasco of Tende Kasha's brand new release,' Mr Liar'! Celebrated across the masses for his evocative storytelling and passionately infectious melodies, Kasha hails from Angola and later on found refuge in Portugal. His personal story highlights his immense resilience and determination, while his music is full of open and honest encounters with his mental state. Let's give it up for the creativity of Tende Kasha! 

Tende Kasha
Tende Kasha

'Mr Liar' is deeply passionate yet traumatic storytelling about how someone left love to chase lust, but what he was left with was nothing but sighs, defeats and regrets.

A heartfelt ballad that shares the heinous realities and harsh truths about Tende's life, this is deeply infused with light-hearted musical synths and throws light on how terrified and empty he truly feels after losing the woman in his life. Even though he was at fault, he's seen trembling within the shackles of dishonesty and delusion that consumed him, leaving him with nothing but regret. Letting it out loud and clear that now the course of his life feels like him doing sentences, this would instill a sense of clarity in the minds of this overwhelmingly annoying generation that recognizes love and lust as two different ideas and not one. Power-packed with reggae tunes, this is infused with passion, and yearning, and is a self-healing journey cruising through the bruises of romance.

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