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Invisible Ink on the Pages of Us: Pop's Ode to Yearning with Ava Valianti's 'January'

Ava Valianti is back to shake the spirits of listeners yet again with the soul-stirring verses of her brand-new release 'January'! An enchantress singer-songwriter hailing from Massachusetts, Ava draws inspiration for her artistic curve from icons like Billie Eilish, Renee Rapp, Gracie Abrams and Olivia Rodrigo. With her talent and passion gaining massive global acclaim at an international level, her sound is very ethereal and glides smoothly on the ears. With so many anticipated numbers and an EP surfacing, let's listen to this brand-new release!

Ava Valianti
Ava Valianti

'January' is a ballad of false anticipation and compromises in the facet of envy and one-sided love, and is a masterpiece at that.

A track that is a true tale from a broken tale from a broken heart, this is the aftermath of a potentially disastrous heartbreak, that still feels like a raw wound. Shackles of one-sided love pour light on nervousness, anxiety, and how imageries of delusion that stay in the heart of the one-sided lover forever. The comprehensive storytelling in this track also spreads the word about not letting go and drowning in the dearth of loss, no matter how unbothered the other party is. This is raw, vinyl, and almost very subtle in conveying the angst of the past, and would strike a chord with many hopeless romantics.

Test this soul-stirring melody down below -

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