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Ink and Amplifiers: Unlocking Rock's Melodic Pages via Gethyn Jones' 'FATAL EQUATION'

The artist and author Gethyn Jones provides a sneak-peak to his upcoming romance expose 'Fatal Equation' with its themed tune compilation, and here's just how the novel will feel like! Formerly known to the world as a radio and TV Presenter, Gethyn Jones has finally encapsulated his art of writing as a work of fiction. 'FATAL EQUATION' is a multi-media romance drama comprising a book and an album accompanying it. While the album might be a rollercoaster ride for many, the plot of the story deals with an odd tale of romance that is full of ups and downs- and surprisingly is a blurred line between fact and fiction!

Gethyn Jones
Gethyn Jones

Providing a surreal insight into what reading the book will feel like, this album is an exciting, wholesome yet restless journey that'll make listeners elope into the world of Ali and Laura with ease!

We start this soul-stirring journey with a series of endless questions and dogma with the breakthrough track 'How Could I Be So Wrong?'. Featuring Liam Wakefield and Lily Garland, this is the brewing of the sensual energy between the protagonists Ali and Laura, where they stand on an infuriating ground of obstacles surrounding their love. 'Lavender' featuring Nick Bowen feels like a complete shapeshift from the previous track, this is comparatively soft, and delightful and sounds like a crystal ball of light-hearted and feel-good romance. 'Alright', a collaboration with Phil Cottrill feels like a joyous moment of thrill, love uprising and welcoming the adventure that comes with it.

Then we arrive at the title track of the album,' Fatal Equation'. Sung by the ethereal enchantress Erin Newman, this is indeed the climatic tune of the song, which captures endless yearning, hard-hitting sinister synths and poignant realities of a doomed love affair. The next tracks,' I Keep Walkin' and 'Homeland', feel like a renewal of a sense of sense of belonging and having utmost gratitude towards them. 'Healer' and 'Living in the Now' also draw a comforting and lively line of recovery from the love. These tracks feel like a point of recovery and acceptance in the story.

Featuring calming and laid-back vocals of Erin Newman, 'May December' is a tune of standing against the world, with each other for the sake of protecting their love. Then tracks like 'It's A Mess ' and 'I'm Back' reminisce old rock 'n' roll energy in the most funky manner possible. On the contrary, tracks like 'I'm Waiting For Midnight',' Dancing in the Light', 'My Place Is Your Place' and 'Ozone' hit an early pop disco mood board that is full of early pop beauty, and are almost moments of celebrating the romance brewing.

'When You Walk In' revives the soothing Erin's voice yet again, but in a unique soundscape like never seen before. This feels like the sound of the artist's Lorde but in a very different font. Transcending into the highs of rock again,' The Longest Summer' is a nostalgic gateway to fun and delight from the past. Last but not least,' In Paradise' feels like a ballad of misery-packed notions of separation, where all they're left with is the sense of gratitude for their short-lived love.

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