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Ingmar King Reveals 'The Times We Had': A Homage to Embracing the Present

Ingmar King, a prodigious artist, began his musical journey at the age of six with rigorous classical violin and piano training, laying the groundwork for his remarkable career. His music seamlessly blends modern pop sensibilities with classical melodies, creating a unique and age-defying musical experience. In 2020, at just 16, Ingmar started composing his own songs, expanding his musical repertoire. His talent was evident when he became a finalist on "Estonian Idol," leading to numerous TV and radio appearances. Currently studying at Berklee College of Music, Ingmar King is poised to make a lasting impact on the music industry with his diverse influences and exceptional talent.

Ingmar King's "The Times We Had" is "present", because it truly is a gift.

Ingmar King's "The Times We Had" emerges as a brilliant creation born from a 10-minute songwriting challenge at Berklee College of Music. With a voice that echoes the charisma of Freddie Mercury, King's emotionally charged acoustic melody captivates with its cathartic themes, and impressive vocal range. The song beautifully balances contemporary pop and timeless classics, transitioning seamlessly from delicate piano arrangements to a powerful rock outro reminiscent of Queen. The meticulous production and masterful mixing create an immersive experience, while the song's essence transcends mere music—it's a heartfelt message urging us to treasure the present moment, solidifying Ingmar King's place as both a gifted musician and a captivating storyteller.

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