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Infinite Intertwining: Rock Pop's Crescendo of Connection with Sukh's 'Faith'

Sukh is here to revive life back into the modern pop scene with his latest somber release 'Faith' and here's everything you wouldn't want to miss out on! The first single from Sukh's brand new tune compilation "Heading East", this seems to reflect on the beauty of long-lasting relationships with a vivacious grace. With his divinely introspective songwriting and tracs that serve as mirror of reflection, Sukh's sounds are purely homegrown and derive inspiration from legends like Jason Isbell, Vampire Weekend and The National. As someone who's also served the professional world as a doctor, he derives pure joy from music-making by being grateful for the struggles and joys of being a human. Let's groove along the lilac symphonies of his brand new sound!


Striving for rejuvenating hope in the dying romance of today's generation, this wonder pop release strikes a perfect balance between calming synths and deep lyrics.

'Faith' is a beautiful track that emerges as the stepping stone for two individuals who're beginning to experience the nuances of a new borne love. This is a neon tale about trusting each other, giving into each other's believes and loving each other as if there's no tomorrow. In life, it's better to believe in loving someone whole-heartedly than to waste your chance in the hopes of something better. This tries to tell you how when you're young you wish you could be something else, and how it's easier to dream of a different reality than what you have right now. It is more important to cherish what you have with nothing but pure gratitude and wholeheartedness. That's how one builds ever-lasting relationships.

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