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Here's Why BALTHAZARD's 'Once I've Been There' is an ultimate trip down memory lane!


Groove along with the enticing pop narratives of Balt-hazard with his latest release, 'Once I've Been There'! 23-year-old Swiss-born musician, DJ, and producer Balthazard currently calls London his home. Utilising music to spread the messages of love, hope and unity, he was a drummer in the initial points of his career. The career shift to a DJ indeed was transformative for him, as it led to him collaborating with reputable fashion brands like Micheal Kors and Versace. Currently residing in Paris, Balthazard's musical journey is nothing but a reflection of his own life's experiences.

The track feels like an amusing venture through the multiverse of emotions that just makes you groove, and you cannot get enough of it!

The artist's background in Soul, Jazz, and Funk that led him to explore House, Disco, Tech House, and Dance music can be perfectly visualized through the song 'Once I've Been Here'. Infused with a driving bass line and silky smooth vocals, the track draws its heavy influence from the early Disco House remixes from the 90s and 00s, like Quincy Jones by Anderson Park and Kaytranada by Bob Sinclar. The track unravels nostalgia with a perfect blend of sadness, happiness and anticipation, encapsulating Balhazard's own world, which in itself is tainted by nostalgia and flashing lights. The track is a perfect play for all sorts of emotions, leaving it to the listener to interpret its true meaning in different courses of time!

Test the melody down here -



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