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Heaven's Hymn: Gospel's Tribute to God's Generosity with Powerhouse Fellowship Soul Choir's 'God Is Good'

Step into the gospel echoes of sunshine with the Powerhouse Fellowship Soul Choir's brand new release 'God Is Good'! Born in the Scarborough region of Toronto in 1986, Powerhouse Fellowship Soul Choir is a massive group of age-diverse men and women who hold a power of harmony for the world to embrace and hear. Directed by Shawn Cotterell, the group has also gathered massive critical accolades and has graced venues with icons like Stevie Wonder, David Fosters and many more. With a rumored album REFLECTIONS in the row, the choir wishes to take the listeners on a thought-provoking spiritual journey that will soothe one's soul. Without further ado, let's give this release a listen!

Cover Art of Powerhouse Fellowship Soul Choir's 'God Is Good'
Cover Art of Powerhouse Fellowship Soul Choir's 'God Is Good'

Seeking blessings from the almighty, this is a fun-loving track about gratitude and optimism and would spark a positive fire in your soul.

To make you feel energetic and empowered, 'God Is Good' is the ultimate chant of surreal vibes that will make your day. A track which is about recognizing and being grateful for all the things the lord almighty has bestowed upon us, this holy reverie would make you reflect upon how god has been better to you than you've ever been to yourself. The ultimate creator, the doer whose greatness is above and beyond our understanding, this collective prayer emerges as a bright ray full of life, love and hope.

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