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Heartache Harmony: Melodic Meltdowns of Madelin Martin's 'I-35'

Making our hearts bleed with her heart-wrenching tracks, Madeline Martin returns to the masses with yet another enigmatic release, 'I-35'! A singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Madeline has been a visionary drawn towards the art of music ever since she was in high school. Drawing inferences from icons like Billie Eilish, Lizzy McAlpline, Nessa Barrett and Taylor Swift, she recently had her first live gig. As someone constantly evolving her style, this latest single was produced and recorded under the marvellance of Jupiter Records led by Carson Aday with David Dunlap and Cade Goebel. Let's dive into the sonic tapestries of Madelline's sound via this latest release!

Madeline Martin
Madeline Martin

Wrangling with our hearts with her beautiful scenic narratives, nostalgic beams of music and silky-sonic vocals, Madeline's 'I-35' is a moment of truth for romance in our generation, which supposedly is dead.

A track that mystically describes the epiphanies of a love decoy, this is an unhinged recital that goes beyond speaking heart to heart. A ballad that echoes within the depths of one's despair, this talks about the wrong-doings of a toxic love story, and how it completely twists one's mind into only remembering the positives. With poignant lyrics like "What did I do to deserve this from you?", this feels like an emotional testament full of distorted guitar waves, moving lyrics and vocals layered so intricately that it is difficult to get over this song.

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