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Heart-wrenching Shades of a Fading love in Metrophobia's 'Can't You Hear Me'


Metrophobia returns with an emotional hailstorm to the music scene with the release of their latest album, 'Can't You Hear Me'! As an album that marks second place in their magnificent artistry, this is a soulful rock serenade comprising of 10 most heart-wrecking dogma-infused tracks about love that paint a daunting side to reality. Comprising Markus Gmür on vocals and acoustic guitar alongside the maestro José Garridoguitar handling the bass and drums programming, they blatantly explore themes of dark and noisy pop and can be proudly labelled as an artistic breakthrough with their sound. Comprising of intimidating lyrics, distorted guitar sounds and unique alts, they are here to embark on a musical revolution!

'Can't You Hear Me' feels like a hysterically distinct chaos of a heart-throbbing love that is trapped inside the embodiments of vibrant and cheerful rock.

We begin this musical ensemble with the numbing beats of the opening track,' Disconnect Me'. A rock track that portrays a yearning for change, and lays out all the frustration that has proceeded to a stage of disconnection, of blanking out. A hazy uprising from the daunting realities of life, this is a deep rock connoisseur of one's scattered head. 'Red Flags' then barges in as a somewhat fresh breeze of hope initially but then sulks into shades of regret eventually. With lyrics like,' Silence is what really hurts', this makes an attempt to throw light upon the uneasiness of muted conversations and instances, where you want to raise your voice but are mummed, as the other person doesn't beckon down even a word.

'Can't You Hear Me', is yet another moment of a forceful exile that the gaslighting gets you at, when one's efforts and care are completely pushed aside. This feels like a hole in the heart, that the prolonged lover is too unbothered to consider. Then we arrive at the dramatic verses of 'Last Train. This feels like a moment where one has completely lost hope, where the fear of losing his love, has come to life like a nightmare turning into reality, where they're left with no other option but to carry their broken dreams all by themselves. Beaming with a gruelling outrage, 'Hell And You' is the post-trauma pondering, where the loss doesn't feel like a loss anymore.

As we move further deep into the encores of the album, tracks like 'Words Unsaid' show a hazy transformation from the post-trauma cheers, that unfortunately are short-lived. This throws light on how some words are just meant to stay with you, no matter how painful it can really be. 'Crazy' on the other hand describes how no matter how uncared for one can portray they feel about someone or something, but unlike a rock we're humans, we're meant to feel and endure emotions, and how affection turns into possessiveness, a 'crazy' one if left unnurtured.

'Best Part of Me' fuels a fire of a love that is igniting like no other. It finally branches out as an optimistic track that expresses gratitude and shows the importance of lost love like no other. Last but not least, we channel a sense of agony and frustration in tracks like 'Angry Tears' and 'You Won't Be Back', an agile regret over the fact that one cannot undo the damage, one can just remember, freak out on and perhaps just cry about the sense of morosely keeps on re-appearing, but someone once leaving might not really come back. Overall, the album is a must-listen for every age group, since it grows onto a common feeling that everyone has gone through once in their lives.

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