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Harmonious Liberation: Witnessing Pop's Emotive Uprising with Avi Kytes's 'One of A Kind'

Experience the musical halo of Avi Kytes's brand new sonic release 'One of A kind'! Hailing from the bustling heart of the city of London, Avi has his origins from Barcelona. His artistry feels like a brushstroke painting on the canvas of emotions and comprises vibrant melodies dancing with pulsating synths. Post the success of his debut EP Sour Kisses & Goodbyes, the upcoming ventures will be full of exploration of Avi's psyche, masculinity and sexuality, embarking on a journey of self-discovery and sonic exploration. Let's witness the lilac notions of this brand-new single!

Avi Kytes
Avi Kytes

A beautiful tune full of endless yearning and notions of moving past toxicity would make you feel something.

A track that's ironically poles apart from its title, this is a tale of moving past the jokes being made with secret meaning and all those who secretly loath you in the fake face of those who love you. This is a mellow journey of endurance and owning up to yourself. This comprises of a fast tempo, a banging rhythm, vocal hooks and the ethereal synths of Avi's voice that sound too good to be true. The song truly feels like a kaleidoscope of textures and would be stuck in your brain for a long time.

Test this evocative melody down below -

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