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Handcrafted Harmonies: Exploring Indie Rock's Tranquil Tapestry with Wishpenny's 'Day After Dark'!

Amplifying the beauty of indie rock with the divine vocals of the enchantress Regina G Russell, maestro Wishpenny returns to the music scene with his masterpiece tune compilation, 'Day After Dark'! Husband-wife duo hailing from Nashville, this marks their debut album. Their tunes are full of meaning, blissful synths, unique vocals, creative instrumentation and many more. With an album full of toe-tapping love songs, this is too graceful for the audience to let it slide.


Refreshing vocals, deep hard-hitting lyrics reflecting on yesteryears and present with a sigh, and a beautiful indie power of vocal realism, this is an indie rock masterpiece.

We begin the 'Day After Dark' with the blunt narratives of the title track of this album. Powered with saxophone synths, this is goofy and playful and sounds almost coy to the ears. 'Glide and Cover' on the contrary feels like a lunatic journey song, with its soothing and consistent guitar escapes. A track that seems to say so much with just mere instruments, this almost sounds like a memory flashback if it were a song.

'Better than we found' is yet another beautifully poignant marvel of the album, that channels a yearning to relive the older moments, and glancing back at them with mesmerising eyes. It's a numbing moment too, as the poignant lyrics are almost relatable with each one of us, and can be perceived in a plethora of ways. 'Close' sounds similar to Nirvana's 'Something in the Way', and carries primal retro rock energy infused with soothing rock and saxophone synths all gelling well to create this raw and rich textured sound.

'Not About Love' is where we deflect from the themes of the album a bit, as this makes us dive into the core dogma that one gets from love. Wishpenny's raw and beautiful vocals provide a natural element to the track. 'Escape Velocity' is another similar-themed track that carries a depth of thoughts with it. This sounds as if it is a chamber of memories, and seems to reflect on the present in fragments of lyrics and acoustic verses with precision.

With 'Step Into the Sun', we bid adieu to the enchanting narratives and gleaming memoirs of the track. This sounds like a sad goodbye from the happy and wholesome realms of the album, making us all ponder life's meaning with utmost creativity. Last but not least, 'Believe' sounds like a groovy much-needed end to this legendary yet sombre album. In this track, soundscapes are playful, repetitive and very addictive. This feels like an ounce of energy to the ears. Overall, I adored this album and can see myself coming back for another listen, I bet so can my fellow listeners.

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