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Get Ready To Rock With Russ Nelson's '5AM'!

Russ Nelson

Russ Nelson is a United States, Butte, MT-based artist known for his intricate creations where he plays all the instruments himself while caring for the vocals. This multi-talented artist made his debut on all the major streaming platforms on 29 June 2023 with the track named 'Crap Of The World'. He has released a total of 3 tracks ever since and each track in his discography is bound to blow your head away! Drawing inspirations from The Replacements, Goo Goo Dolls, Fuel, Nirvana, and The Pixies, this artist has discovered his unique sound that will touch your soul.

Russ Nelson's music will make you witness the overwhelming swirl of rock!

I recently discovered this amazing artist through his latest release, '5 AM'. I was amazed by his artistic abilities and I'm pretty sure, if you love to rock like us, you'll love this artist! This is one of those tracks that'll surely go into my playlist too! The track starts with a thump and each beat creates an everlasting impact. The vocals are soulful and the way the artist has carried the track is pretty impressive. Holding the essence of rock, this artist has created something that transcends the boundaries of genres. Do give this amazing track a go, you'll love it for sure.

Test this soulful rock track down here-

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