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From Cello to Synths: The Enigmatic Journey of Clare Easdown

Clare Easdown
Clare Easdown

Hailing from the vibrant city of Sydney, Australia, Clare Easdown is a musical powerhouse taking the industry by storm. With classical cello roots and a self-taught flair, she concocts an electrifying fusion of electronic tunes that entrance the spirit. Drawing inspiration from renowned artists like INIKO, FKA Twigs, Grimes, Sevdaliza, Madonna, and CHVRCHES, Clare has forged her very own corner in the realm of music. Her angelic vocals sail through waves of electronic symphonies, drenched in raw passion and ethereal beauty. Unforgettable tracks such as "I'll Wait" and "Your Eyes Are Ice" set the stage for a truly mesmerizing musical experience. Teaming up with Simon Pipe, her love for vocal innovation and flawless sound engineering is evident. Clare's music artfully melds man and machine to create soul-stirring harmonies that deeply resonate. Destined to spark tidal waves in the scene, Clare Easdown is an emerging star not to be missed.

"I Break" showcases a vulnerable journey into reality's frailty while skillfully magnifying alt-grunge themes.

Ingeniously crafted by the mysterious musical virtuoso Jeremy Burns, this track offers a raw exploration of one's mind entangled in struggle. Seamlessly blending dissociation and paranoia over a haunting alt-grunge soundscape with fierce lyrics, Clare unveils a powerful tale of emotional turmoil. "I Break" fearlessly dives headfirst into depression's abyss and confronts mental health battles with unflinching honesty; it's a timely reminder of their immense impact on human lives. With profound empathy and warmth, this song weaves a comforting tapestry for those weathering the lows of mental health – an ode to their resilience and inner strength.

Test this heart-throbbing melody down below -



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