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Fonvery's dreamscape bedroom pop single 'I hear sirens' feels like a handcrafted treasure


An artist of many talents based out of Philli, Fonvery is mainly a bedroom multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter who creates magic from having restrictions that come in many forms. But he has managed to find a way to elevate his art through those very same restrictions, crafting an interesting sound that blends indie, dreamy bedroom pop with some nicely touched post production added to it.

Fonvery continues to release singles which offer a great perspective on learning to love oneself despite human error.

"A refreshing take on the modern indie sound that has emerged into the abyss of daily listens in many people's palettes, Fonvery does wonders with his approach to bedroom music production."

Fonvery's latest single 'I hear sirens' starts out smooth, with laid back vocals sort of staying away a little bit with the drums kicking in. The result is that of a unique listen in this very expansive genre where artists typically can get a little repetitive with their style. The low fidelity sound helps us to delve into a feeling which sounds exactly like how our memories would sound. Towards the end, Fonvery does some interesting tweaking to his vocals almost switching the entire tone, effectively at that.

Definitely give this one a listen if you're into indie pop artists like Mac Demarco, Loving, The drums and Crumb.

Test this melody for yourself here -



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