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Fire-guided fierce verses of Natalie Clark's 'Freedom'

Natalie Clark
Natalie Clark

Natalie Clark yet again owns the title of an ultimate enchantress with the release of her latest single, 'Freedom"! A Scottish indie phenomenon on the uprise, the fierce queen has established her own unique sound by seeking inspiration from vocal powerhouses like Whitney Houston, Bishop Briggs, Adele and Maren Morris. Natalie's immaculate musical presence has also enthralled maestros like Richard Branson, which led to her performing at BBS Radio 1 Academy sessions, that also were shown on the iconic show,' The Voice', capturing the interest of icons like Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton! Natalie has been absolutely unstoppable ever since, as she expanded the horizons of her musical forte by also performing at The Roxy and Greek Theatre in LA. Witness the wrath of the sizzling and unhinged Natalie with her power-packed indie track, 'Freedom'!

'Freedom' feels like sombre and vibrant fuel to enhance one's confidence, and flashes a mirror of empowerment at listener's faces.

Natalie Clark has definitely excited her musical presence with the release of 'Freedom'! Grouped with a choir this time to magnify the glory effect of the track tenfold, her aura is absolutely irresistible here! The angelic encores of self-love, and assurance that anything is possible, she even compares the feeling to fluidity and freedom just like how the sea might feel. Infused with rollicking indie/alt-rock beats, this is a true testament to her own courage, as she re-asserts her authority and appeals to the masses. A track recorded in Los Angeles under the guidance of Todd Spadaphore, this would not just get you hyped up about yourself, but is also a blast to raise you from the blasphemies of society and groove to the magnificent halo of Natalie!

Test this empowering melody down below -



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