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Feel-Good Flashbacks: Retro Resonance of Waxy Shellac And The Tasteless Apples's 'Shelf Life'

Back with yet another rock-and-roll revival, Waxy Shellac And The Tasteless Apples return to the music with their 80s-inspired tune compilation, 'Shelf Life'! A release that is supposedly a result of consistent efforts over 40 years, this is a roadmap to the life of the artists from their late teens to their current age. With a wide-ranging list of musical influences, like Todd Rundgren, Utopic, Weird AI Yankovic and many more, this is explicit, professional, edgy and more or less, like a timeless cocktail you'd want to come back to for years!

Cover Art of Waxey Shellac And The Tasteless Apples's 'Shelf Life'
Cover Art of Waxy Shellac And The Tasteless Apples's 'Shelf Life'

An album that feels like a complete bypass to different emotions, 'Shelf Life' is a kaleidoscope that makes us circle love, nostalgia, guilt and yearning in the most sombre and groovy way possible.

We begin this ecstatic musical journey with the funks of 'Prescription Song'. A track that more of feels like a journey to the doctor's visit, this sends a rush of adrenaline down the spine of listeners, exciting them for the adventure that lies ahead. The funks take a disco-like turn with the groovy synths of 'Hard To Love'. A track that would instantly make you dance, this track right here feels like a rise of demands or rather a proposition after receiving a confession.

On the series of unhinged tracks like 'Threesome', we somewhere find ourselves in the calming notions of 'I'm On The Bench'. This feels like a moment of nostalgia, as it brings the retrogrades of pop-rock back into the limelight. Then we arrive at a track that is completely painted red in the romantic airs of love and adoration, 'Codependent Me'.

'Chorus Comes Along' is the moment where the electrifying energy of rock revives, inspiring us how there's so much more to live than what our brain perceives. A neon setting takes over with the dynamic illusions of electric guitar in 'I'm Not Sure ' and 'All Over Me'. Tracks that talk out the bleak uncertainties that one encounters while being blind-sighted in love, tend to hypnotize a person and reflect on all aspects of their life.

With the silky serenades of 'Thousand Things', that follow a saxophone-driven backdrop, this is the peak of drama in rock. We also witness a summery-cowboy energy in the tracks 'Dreamer' and 'Change of Plans', which tend to take us back into the nostalgic realms of a sunny day from the past.

Then we arrive at the soft hues of remembrance in the 'Aryan Song'. A track that feels like a moment of truth, this is surreal and refreshing, whilst being full of pain, guilt and yearning. Last but not least, 'History Repeats Itself' provides us with a perfect reality while being the perfect end track to this remarkable album.

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