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Euphonic Romance: Transcending Boundaries through the Melodies of 'Our Love' By Grace & Moji

Grace & Moji
Grace & Moji

Channelling the soul essence of love, the dynamic duo Grace & Moji have just released their magnificent single ' Our Love'! Hailing from Los Angeles, the artistic duo of Grace Hong and Martin Wave, aka Grace & Moji, unveils their harmonious collaboration. A melting pot of love, creativity, and healing, their partnership blooms from a tapestry of diverse backgrounds. Grace overcame a broken home to chase a life abundant with happiness and purpose in the world of art, whereas Swedish-born Martin waved goodbye to his homeland to pursue music in the City of Angels. Together, their creative synergy merges as Nolo Grace's debut single, "Wake Up," featuring renowned artist Sean Kingston.

An ode to their unbreakable bond, the song is about their relationship's complexities, and how they came together to create music.

The magical husband-wife indie team, Grace & Moji, have unveiled their long-awaited music video for "Our Love," the premiere single from their upcoming album. This whimsical visual creation blends ethereal natural landscapes with nostalgic VHS footage, transporting viewers into the intimate world of Grace & Moji. We follow Moji (also known as Martin Wave) and Grace on a spellbinding journey through a mystical realm, searching for one another until they unite in a tranquil embrace. Intertwined with this fantastical tale are authentic VHS snippets that reveal the full range of their relationship–from exhilarating adventures to soul-stirring disputes. In "Our Love," audiences experience an exquisitely crafted music video that captures love's purest essence while embracing the raw emotions and complexities that make relationships undeniably human.

Test the melody down below -



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