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Elysian Entropy: Abyssal Waltz of Virtue and Vice with Natalia Quest's 'Redemption'

Step into the healing synths of dark pop with Natalia Quest's 'Redemption'! An independent singer-songwriter who's made forces with like-minded creatives who share perceptions of worldview, values and perceptions of beauty with her, she's truly ecstatic by all means. As someone who pays close attention to detail at every step of her music production, she carries forward a unique style of sound that has never been witnessed before. Let's witness the wrath of Natalia Quest via this latest release!

Natalia Quest
Natalia Quest

Capturing the timeless dance of good and evil with profound grace, 'Redemption' is a poetic tale of reality you cannot escape from.

A single that will send chills down your spine, feels like the beat of the broken, paying homage to the truths that aren't visible on the outer surfaces. Culminating haunting realities of mankind with beautiful metaphors, the track is about breaking free from the molds of superficial reality and trying to maintain a balance between Love and Wisdom. This also tells the masses to love with a big heart, as you have nothing to be afraid of. Overall, I find the track very intriguing and so will the listeners.

Test this dramatic melody down below -

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