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Electric Resolve: Alt Rock's Ode to Unshakeable Resonance with Micheal Fordays' 'The Stones Never Move'

Micheal Fordays returns to the music scene with the exhilarating notions of his brand new release, 'The Stones Never Move'! Returning with a bash, these tunes are always awe-inspiring and super authentic, he's always been someone who's been fascinated and curious about the world of music. From falling hard for an electric guitar to playing at parties, clubs and theatres all across the country, Micheal has earned a massive amount of critical accolades for himself, selling financial recordings and merchandise. Drawing inferences from the Dead Weather, Hendrix, Band of Skulls, The Beatles and many such legends, Fordays is here paving the way for his unique sound. Let's witness the wrath of Micheal Forday's sound! 

Micheal Fordays
Micheal Fordays

A track displaying utmost resilience, this is a fuel to ignite a sense of passion and courage in the minds of the listeners.

Rising above one's fears in life, this is an electrifying rock saga that is nothing but a portrayal of pure guts and the fury that it carries. With lyrical notions like "Can you see me dying in the noise", this urges a sense of aggressive "do or die" spirit in the minds of listeners agonizingly compelling them to face the eye of the storm regardless. With the loud thudding of drums, the soundscapes here are those of Linkin Park's, and hence could be your anthem boosting you to fight against your fears!  

Test this ferocious melody down below -

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