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Electric Asylum: Synthetic Sonnets of Dr Dawsound's 'Electronic Heartbeat'

French songwriter and producer Dr Dawsound's latest release 'Electronic Heartbeat' takes you into a different world of electronic beats and catchy melodies to make you dance through the night. Dr Dawsound is a French Producer and Songwriter hailing from Marseille. He performs, arranges and records his music in his home studio. Dr Dawsound composes his songs note-by-note, omitting samples and loops much like a classical musician. He is a 'classical' beatmaker, a topliner and a lyricist—the result of pop Dance songs with a vintage touch.

Dr Drawsound
Dr Drawsound
So let go of yourself and hit pause on everything while you crank the volume knob to 10 on your speakers and dance and groove completely carefree.

Dr Dawsound again collaborates with award-winning mixing engineer Daniela Rivera on his second single of the year - ' Electronic Heartbeat'. With massive synths giving a vintage touch from the 80s paired with modern pop sounds, this song is meant to be played on the dance floor giving you a sense of pulsating rhythm filled with pure joy. The female vocal on the song gives more texture to pounding snare drums and expeditious beats in the background. 'Electric Heartbeat' is your way to an escape from reality into a sonic cosmos filled with excitement and adrenaline. Also keep an eye out for more music by Dr. Dawsound, artists like him are not born every day. This might just be a new wave of music in the brewing which we can witness.

Test this electrifying melody down below -

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