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Fleeting Flames: Uncovering the Saga of Strangers turned into Soulmates with Alexia Vegas' 'At First'!

Alexia Vegas returns to the music scene with the lovestruck notions of her brand new release 'At First'! A single under her highly anticipated album, 'Clear Blue Sky', this release carries forward pacifying passion, enduring love and soothing vocal synths of Alexia's voice together to create a blend that sound nothing less than pure magic. A 23-year-old industry veteran with more than 7 years of experience, her tracks have also garnered appeal via Apple TV, Netflix and CBS and have also graced shows like "Dynasty", "The Morning Show" and "Stargirl" to name a few. Let's unravel the affection in her brand-new release!

Alexia Vegas
Alexia Vegas

The unexpected turns of life reuniting lovers, this is a romance-driven release that is a twisted tale of love, bound to drive you crazy.

'At First' talks about the brewing tapestries of romance between the artist and her beloved, who was supposed to be a 'one-night stand'. From kissing under the stars to calling each other sweethearts, this infuses nothing but pure oxytocin in the minds of listeners. Talking about how unexpected their meeting was to eventually everything making sense, this is a happy-go-lucky release that will sound very refreshing to the listeners. The meeting of the two partners is the magic of destiny and you can sense it in the sweet escapes the track provides you.

Test this pacifying melody down below -

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