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Euphoric Embrace: Witness Love in Technicolor with CHINSON'S 'Want You Now'!

CHINSON is back with the groovy beats of his brand new love extravaganza, 'Want You Now'! Emerging as the jack of all trades, CHINSON is a DJ/Producer with a niche in dance music. With a vast artistry behind him, he has gained a massive amount of critical accolades. With his remixes have also graced Capital FM's Weekender and his original numbers even smashing the BBC's Introducing, Future Hits Radio and House Party Radio, this is just the beginning. Having joined forces with Karen Inder for this new release, 'Want You Now' is a follow-up to his previous track Poison Tree. Let's see what this banger has to say!


Catchy and progressive love bomb that extensively features high-energy electronic music, this is nothing but the brewing of a neon love that will get you grooving! 

A sultry notion of pure erotica, 'Want You Now' is a beat paradise that feels like a pure rush of serotonin down the spine of listeners. Telling her lover that they don't have to worry about the circumstances, with the beat drop there is a widespread sensual tension spread into the air. Wanting to feel the rush of their love, the beats here are very abstract and comprise high-energy electric synths, super addictive vocals by Karen Inder, a thumping bass drum, and radio-ready energy. Overall, I think this would prove to be an ace in any given outer setting, but would be an exceptional banger on the dancefloor.

Test this upbeat melody down below -

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