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EDM's Escape from the World Ablaze: Phoenix Pulses of Blackslate'a 'The Arsonist'

Delivering his innate skill of storytelling via the ombres of this unique sound, Techno marvel Balckslate returns to the music scene with his latest release, 'The Arsonist'! A moody & dark alter ego of the maestro Filip Tasevski-Fitz, a performer, musician and songwriter with over 20 years of artistry in the field of music, whose experiences are deeply rooted in hardcore/punk music. With his music, Blackslate aims to create haunting, exhilarating and experimentalist narratives with grounding lyrics, thereby reflecting on the delusional faces of this world.


Channelling liberty whilst being dropped into the nostalgic hues of the past, this release captivates the human mind that desires to run free when faced with trauma, in the most majestic manner possible.

A surreal venture that seemingly takes you on a festive trip to the ancient Lake Orchid of Macedonia, this tale is set in the Hotel Drim, one of the most astounding marvels in the mid-seventies. While the allures of the hotel are endless, the hotel looks like an international tribunal, a little cruise and a spaceport all at the same time. Retaliations of the man to set himself free while the world around him is on fire, this is a work of art that not only is sleek. futuristic, playful and propulsive, this perfectly marks a statement piece for the genius of Taevski-Fitz as a producer for the song. Encouraging oneself to elevate from worldly barriers, this disco-EDM serenade channels a free spirit while being tangled into this gripping synthesizing beatscape, the one that is easy to stutter, stop, switch and memorize.

Test this hypnotic melody down below -

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