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Drumrolls for the Colorful Desi: Navigating Through Vishal Ganesh's 'Advice'!

Infusing Tamil into the pop world, Vishal Ganesh returns to the masses with another bop, 'Advice'! Vishal Ganesh emerges as one fine experimental pop artist navigating the indie pop landscape with his authentic and traditional Tamil sounds. Currently based in Dubai, UAE, Vishal aims to continue owning his mother tongue and releasing music in his native language. Let's delve into the unique experiences of Vishal's sound!

Vishal Ganesh
Vishal Ganesh

A fun-groovy masterpiece that is full of drama, this sounds like a gala and ceebration, blending in beautiful elements like trumpets, saxophone, guitar and many more.

Crafting a relatable symphony full of the colourful commotion of sound, 'Advice' is a light-hearted track that is infused with vibrant and warm undertones, percussive rhythms, electric synths and complementary horn lines. It is a unique concept that creates a simple and impactful message about highlighting how mistakes are crucial for one's experience and learning. It narrates to us how each one of us has a different palette of life, and how our unique experiences help it paint differently for each one of us. Overall, we would highly recommend you check out this delightful tune.

Test this vibrant melody down below -

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