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DJ Connery hits the bullseye with Someone; poised to become a fan favorite

Reinhard Zwisler is a singer and songwriter from Oberndorf, Austria who goes by the stage name DJ Connery. He began his musical journey young when

He crafted lyrics and melodies for a rock band “Magic Mirow”. Despite early exposure to live performances, DJ Connery swore his allegiance to songwriting. His discography reflects his love for music and his deep-rooted interest in multi-genre music creation.

DJ Connery’s Someone reminds us of the soul-stirring magic of Cigarettes After Sex

“Someone” seamlessly blends 80s soft rock and the artist’s Cigarettes After Sex takeaway. The inspiration for the song lies in a mysterious encounter with an alluring unknown woman on a sultry night. The official music video also tastefully features his muse’s irresistible appeal. The song is a carefully curated sonic experience by Zwisler where he has managed to balance gentleness and the wild on a thread. The song’s bass line and measured beat impart it its warm and elegant feel.

Test the melody down here-

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