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Dissonant Dystopia: Witnessing Rock Pop Shattering Toxic Love Norms through Sophia Stephen's 'Fervor'

The enchantress Sophia Stephens regains her throne with her brand new release, 'Fervor'! An 18-year-old singer-songwriter who's deeply known for her out-of-the-world vocal reveries, Sophia's voice can convey emotions and substance through her voice, suiting many verticals and genres. With a tapestry of more than 300 songs behind her, her first album is set to release this season, Garnering attention from all around the globe, she's also starting to play live 3-4 hour long gigs comprising of covers and originals. Sophia has come a long way, and we're here for it!

Sophia Stephens
Sophia Stephens

A cold call against a dismantled love, this track sounds like a sonic hailstorm against brutalities in love and is a peak moment of relatability for many.

A dark and daunting that will seemingly linger on your skin like no other, 'Fervor' is a notion of retaliation for women. Sophia explicitly describes the heinous behaviours of men through this rock-pop realism, how their only approach to intimacy is just physical passion, which also leads to aggression sometimes. Sadly a reality for many, she bravely navigates through the traumatic experiences and describes how she doesn't want to give in anymore. Driven by deep baselines and Sophia's soulful voice, this taps into themes of bravery, womanhood, and courage, and puts a hold on all the negative emotions and fights she was held into, which was all for nothing. The lyrics of this track run wildly deep, navigating how in the song all along she's discussing how she wishes when in reality it's all a rebellion out of love and pure emotions.

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