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Dissonant Defiance: Classic Rock's Tale of Refusal with The Muster Point Project's 'Don't Give Me Anything'

The Muster Point Project is back at sparking emotions with their brand new melody 'Don't Give Me Anything'! Surfacing as Corus Radio's Gem of the Week, this is a melodic uprising of Kevin Franco's struggles, curated by the geniuses of Robin Hatch, Darryll McFayden and Sterling Laws. Founded by Kevin himself, The Muster Point Project hails from Calgary but splits time between Canada and Chile. Deriving inferences from legends like John Denver, John Prine and many more Johns of the music world, The collaborative aims to craft meaningful works of relatability and emotional closure. Let's uncover the story of this particular release!

Kevin Franco from The Muster Point Project
Kevin Franco from The Muster Point Project

Bouncing back at the ones who treat you like a poor little thing, this is outrageously electrifying and too addictive to listen!

A tune that talks about striking back at life's struggles with pure grace, this is a hard-hitting tale of epiphany, of the struggles surrounding success and failure. This is the artist's personal story of responding to the Nos, the relentless failed attempts at trying to build his dream technology company, whilst also dealing with some ego-driven individuals who tried to crush his confidence. Although the themes of his track run deep, this is an upbeat classic-rock melody about refusing to receive pity or sympathy as an emotion when that's all the world can provide. A musical masterpiece in disguise, this would feel like a call to action to bash your haters and the people who let you down, and hence is a must-listen.

Test this emotive melody down below-

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