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Dancing in the Ether: Quantum Disco of The Screaming Pope's 'Neon Heights'

The Screaming Pope yet again returns to the music scene with a moment of surprise, his next tune compilation,' Neon Heights'! A creative vision that came to life in 2020, it is influenced by all genres and eras, but this specifically derives inspiration from the aesthetics of Hollywood. A venture that has been a studio project alongside American and European airplay, the album has been recorded in a home studio in Boston. Let's witness the sonic liberations of The Screaming Pope!

The Screaming Pope
The Screaming Pope

A complete mood rollercoaster - The Screaming Pope with 'Neon Heights' has escaped all the social constructs and has something for people of all genres and eras.

We start off this album's journey with the heavy bass throttles of 'Movie Star'. This narrative feels extremely exciting as if the limelight porched into a song with a hint of romance. Then, indie romance takes over with the labyrinths of 'Pedal To The Floor'. This is brushed beautifully with intense tension and passion, where listeners experience the brewing of vinyl erotica between the characters.

A dance bop incoming, 'Tunneling' seems to surprise listeners with its carefree techno vibes, that hit differently than the usual themes of the album. 'Tall, Dark and Dangerous' is when the sensual tension rises even further. This track seems to lure you into the lucid affairs of raw romance. Then, another numbing moment happens with 'What It Feels Like', which feels like a perfect play at a rave.

Then we arrive at the title track of the album,' Neon Heights'. This track feels extremely ethereal, authentic and royal to the ears, and it takes us on a trip down memory lane. The intensity of euphoria rises even further with the slow reverbs of tracks like 'Rain is Pouring ' and 'If You Wanna Vibe'. A haven of soulful melodies, they are sedaciously catchy yet beautiful.

A bizarre retro dancey moment happens at 'When The Beat Drops'. This feels like a retrograde version of EDM, which feels like a perfect disco moment. 'Devotion', on the contrary, puts you into a numbing state of mind that almost feels levitating to the ears.

Romance and longing bloom yet again with the adventurously romantic and playful themes of tracks like 'Me Gusta' and 'I Want You'. Creating a pacifying and mellow R&B atmosphere, these tracks are bound to set you free.

Disco bashes avenge to the throne yet again with the banging tunes of techno in 'I Won't'. Last but not least, 'The Battle' completely shapeshifts the themes of the album into a gloomy soft ballad, which feels like a magnificently surprising ending to this masterpiece.

Test this abstract tune compilation down below -

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