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Dancefloor Dreams in Technicolor: K-Syran's "Sunny" Remix Euphoria


Get ready to groove along the lines of a thrilling dance venture with K-Syran’s latest release,’Sunny’! A musical enchantress who stands on a pedestal of glory with her singles like ‘Intimacy’ being nominated by the UN, she plays a cosmic role of not just a singer-songwriter, but also an actor and an activist in the musical realm. An alumnus of prestigious schools like RADA and the Guildhall School of Music & Drama, K has remarkably stood up to her artistic potential and has also collaborated with geniuses like Blue and the Sugababes. Here to set you free, prepare to experience the kaleidoscope art of the marvel that is K-Syran!

Blazing instrumentals paired up with top-notch erotica and melting vocals, this is the summer high we always needed!

A mystique realm of sequential beat drops, this is a perfect blend of genres like dance, EDM and techno. Blended with the pacifying lyricism, this feels like a longing for love and a threshold of burning desires. With intricate detailing like the elements of violin and surreal dramatic beatdrops, ‘Sunny’ feels like the perfect tune to play at raves, and clubs to make all your peach-aesthetic dreams come true!

Test this evocative melody down below -



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