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Dan Rose calls out the emptiness in this generation in his original “Jack In The Green”

Dan Rose is a solo artist from Denmark. He is brave with his art and does not hesitate to be vulnerable with his lyrics. His songs are like a protest against modernization and fast living. With a low-fidelity sound, he captures the real essence in his tracks and many of his songs are in fact one-take recordings. With the use of calm guitars, he maintains a very laid-back and minimalistic persona in his songs. He has recently released his album “This House Is On Fire” which is an amalgamation of 13 heartfelt and emotionally charged songs.

Dan Rose
The slow guitar chords and Dan’s vocals intertwine together like the stems of a climber plant. The lyrics are hard-hitting truths about the 21st century where humanity is dying and urbanization is booming.

Jack In the Green is an English traditional custom that celebrates May Day. The track Jack In The Green is a mellow acoustic jam that sounds like a conversation between Dan and the melodic guitars. Dan’s tonality blends perfectly well with the lowkey music.

It is a straightforward yet heavy track as the ideas discussed through the lyrics are hard-hitting truths about this generation. Dan talks about the greed and selfishness in the people when it comes to money. They are all trying to collect as much as possible like it is a game and are ultimately forgetting the real essence of life.

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