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Damnation Redefined: Sacred Seditions of The Dream Spiral's 'Redemption'

Dive into the mystical solaces of The Dream Spiral's latest rock marvel, 'Redemption'! A group of 5 that is a part of the Brisbane Musical Collective, all the members of The Dream Spiral release music under different names and genres. With only one writer in the group, the collective has a sound inclined in the indie rock/electronica style of rock, and this release is inspired by the 'Songs of Faith and Devotion' era by Depeche Mode. Let's witness the sonic rage of The Dream Spiral in this latest release!

Cover Art of The Dream Spiral's 'Redemption'
Cover Art of The Dream Spiral's 'Redemption'

A genre-defying breakthrough that speaks the narratives of humanity and how it's blinded and wrapped in its belief systems, this corrodes the barriers of a rock track to being pacifying to being absolute savage, all in the most dramatically empowering way possible.

What starts as an ethereal dreamscape, 'Redemption' surely takes a bougie turn into the salvations of pure rock, with its beautiful synths, rusty vocals, poignant lyrics and a cinematic masterpiece of a sound. Being the first single of their forthcoming album, this is a beautifully carved badass track about things that are almost inevitable for humanity, desire and sin, and how we're punished for committing things that lead us to a primal sense of joy, describing how the insidiousness of religion makes us feel guilty and drown in regret for feeling pleasure.

Test this blazing hot melody down below -

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