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Cursed Affections: Echoes of Love Dogma in Haunts' 'Monster'

Serenading your soul with the madness of love, Haunts returns to the masses with their iconic new release, 'Monster'. A dark-pop duo hailing from Camberley, UK, the concept of the band came to life when the duo met by luck at a venue backstage in Houston. A bond for piano, soundtracks, Hans Zimmer and performing live is what led to this marvellous ethereal dark pop sound.


A moving tale of love, grewling leaps of faith and sheer acceptance, 'Monster' is about the ultimate face-down between real and fake that'll leave the masses in self-reflection.

This release seems to put an array of real and hypothetical questions, trying to showcase how things could be very odd and different from how they are now. This instigates humanity to love above and beyond the visible, the bare skin, trying to highlight the importance of what lies within the same, the outbound love and soul. Metaphorically 'Monster' is an example of odd variations, this single reflects deeply upon the stability of romantic relationships.

Test this soulful melody down below -

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